Hoolidan "Rooster" Limpan

X-Wing Fighter Pilot


Hoolidan is an adventurous fighter pilot who enjoys taking chances in his fighter. He tends to be quiet and reserved outside the cockpit, but enjoys telling of his daring and exploits in his X-Wing. Hoolidan can fight outside of his fighter, but would prefer not to.

Hoolidan can be found in the Desric Lounge playing a starfighter simulator game frequently when off duty and revels in challenges. He not only holds the high score, but has beaten the Adar Tallon level… twice. He has holos of the Derull twins plastering his room and will never pass up an opportunity to talk to one of, or preferably both of them.



Born on Empress Teta, Hoolidan went to the same flight school as the Derull twins. While they dropped out to pursue careers on the Smoking Blaster, Hoolidan finished his studies and took a job flying fighter escort for Carbonite shipments. He followed the twins careers though, as they skyrocketed to fame with the ‘Tales of the Smoking Blaster’ holo serial promoting Fizzyglug’s Bolt Cola. He even went so far as to by a sky slicer board reputed to have belonged to Rath Sunrider during the shoot of the holo pilot ’Queen’s Gambit’.

When it became not-so-public knowledge that Rath Sunrider and the Derull twins were marketing Jedi adventure holos and Rebel propaganda pieces, Hoolidan became an avid collector. His skills in the fighter simulator were unmatched, even by other more experienced Duros. His exploits in his actual fighter were somewhat less well recieved and he was discharged from Empress Teta’s fleet service when his low-flying stunts caused a rival pilot to eject during race and destroy his fighter.

Inspired by ‘Tales of the Smoking Blaster’ and several other popular holo serials, Hoolidan bought a pair of Westar-34 Blaster Pistols, a Synth Guitar and decided he was going to seek his fortune and adventure among the stars. Luck smiled on him as he gained work as an astrogator on a Corellian freighter, where he met a crew of Rebel sympathizers transporting supplies to the Rebel Fleet. Soon he was training in the T-65B as a Rebel fighter pilot.

He heard about the new SOG command and that several key members had recently performed a daring rescue mission on Hoth. Then he heard that the Derull twins and Rath Sunrider were among the members. Hoolidan badgered his fighter command until they transferred him to the Bennu, without a fighter. Vice Admiral Pelagia reviewed Lieutenant Limpan’s performance scores and assigned him to the SOG Fighter Group, with a brand new X-Wing. The SOG Group flew carrier escort while Phoenix Squadron went on raids and missions. When Phoenix lost an X-Wing, Hoolidan begged to be transferred as the replacement.

Hoolidan "Rooster" Limpan