Phoenix Squadron

Unit History

Phoenix Squadron was a Commando/Fighter Pilot team that started before the official declaration of the rebellion using modified Y-Wing starfighters.

Phoenix Squadron was sent in to Aesad Aerap on an exploratory mission and eventually made contact with Neipas and the Aesad Aerap Compact. They destroyed a Victory class star destroyer named Damascus and then made an alliance between Aesad Aerap and the rebellion.

A series of raids allowed The Phoenix Squadron to acqire plans for many Imperial systems and also various Imperial ships and supplies. The Empire destroyed most of the first Phoenix Squadron over Shesharile.

The second Phoenix Squadron formed after the Empire bombarded Neipas and began a campaign to annex the Aesad Aerap Sector which had been out of galactic contact for nearly 3000 years. Phoenix Squadron scored a major victory in capturing The Colossus, a blaster gas container ship.

Another major action for Phoenix Squadron was the defense of Dac when th Mon Calamari successfully revolted against the Empire and drove them off of the planet. Major damage was caused, but it was the first major defeat for the Empire in the rebellion.

Colossus Base was established over an uncharted world amid a battlefield of Clone War era ships. The world was lush with life, but full of giant beasts akin to Krayt Dragons. Eventually the base was abandoned when a traitor revealed the location and the base was sabotaged.

Phoenix Squadron later was used in the rescue of workers on Despayre who were working on the first Death Star. After the Despayre rescue much of Phoenix Squadron was killed in an ambush by The Night Ravens, an elite Storm Commando squadron under command of Dezix.

The most recent Phoenix Squadron defeated the Imperial forces in Aesad Aerap restoring control of the sector to The Compact of Allied Worlds which is still allied with The Rebellion. The remaining members were active on Hoth and a rescue of the last remaining troops on Hoth was their last combat action before the formation of SOG.

Phoenix Squadron