The Bennu

A Corellian Picket Carrier that was fazed out by the Empire in Favor of the KDY designs. A few survived in service during the last days of The Republic and one in salvageable condition was found at the Colossus Battlefield. Thanks to the Corellian’s use of common parts The Bennu was restored by a collaboration of Heliopolis and Neipas engineers and made ready for service again.

The ancient systems are no match for a modern warship but it is a serviceable platform for the SOG team and unlike more modern warships requires only a relatively small crew to operate. Rath had the systems updated, but it wasn’t fully upgraded before being sent into service. It is very roomy and has plenty of room for upgrading amenities.

The 450 meter long hull is 105 meters wide at some points and 140 meters tall at the tower. Each fighter has a 20 meter by 20 meter bay so they can be maintained and repaired as well as stored. The two flight decks are each 30 meters tall giving ample room for machinery. Decks 2-4 open to the lower flight deck while decks 5-7 open to the upper flight deck. There are eight decks throughout most of the ship with ceiling heights ranging between 3 and 7 meters. Numerous crawlspaces and machine-works separate each deck.

The accommodations are rather generous with individual rooms and even individual sanitation facilities. A standard room has a double-wide bed with a desk and a two person padded seat in addition to the sanitary facilities. Meals are assumed to be eaten in the mess hall or one of the lounges.

There are six observation lounges on deck 5 which are 12 meters square and have a single 6 meter wide by 2 meter tall window each. The lounges are all in close proximity to each other forming the Entertainment Mall of the ship. Additional observation windows are on deck 8, the command deck. Individual rooms do not have windows. Deck 4 directly below the entertainment mall area houses the fitness center (port) and medical bay (starboard).

The ancient warship was made to carry and service a dozen starfighters, and a pair of shuttles on each of the two flight decks. Like many Corellian ships the design is rather spacious compared to other designs. The docking bays can each carry an additional craft up to 30 meters in length, or as many as 4 additional fighter sized craft.

The Bennu was considered fast in it’s day, but is very outdated and would be hard pressed to compete with most civilian ships now in service. The hyperdrive has been replaced giving it respectable travel speeds between systems but it still has a crippling in system speed.

The Bennu it is currently equipped with 12 newly produced T-65B X-Wings sitting ready on the upper flight deck.

The Bennu