The Empire

The current galactic governing body is a corrupt autocratic system called The Empire. It was built on the bones of The Galactic Republic when Palpatine took power for himself. The Empire is ruled through fear and those who oppose it are labeled traitors and executed.

The classic opponent of any Rebel it is the goal of the group to eventually bring the Empire down. All Imperials will be opponents to the players with those high up in power as the most violently opposed as they control the others.

The Imperial presence on Shesharile has shrunk to token force the ignores everything except the service center for refueling Imperial ships and the Governor’s compound. The governor is known to be on Ne Dago’s payroll, but the system is so backwater that no one in the Empire cares.

The easiest way for the Empire to deal with rebels on Shesharile is to pay for credible information on rebel activity and then to offer bounties on the suspected offenders. The desperately poor of Shesharile will eventually bring the suspect down and then the Empire can decide whether or not to pay (often having to do as much with the hunter’s reputation as it does with the bounty to be collected).

The Empire